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Free Stuff Sites VS Free Stuff Blogs

As per my last post, i applauded the emergence of free stuff blogs, but is free stuff site or blog a better choice for freebies online? Today, i am going to touch on that!

Free stuff blogs are a on a rising trend since 2005. They are unlike traditional free stuff sites that list out free stuff in texts. Instead, they are more visual and uses pictures to show a visual image of what the free stuff is about, or where the free stuff is from. Also, while free stuff sites usually usually list free services offered by other sites, free stuff blogs rarely do so.

Next, free stuff blogs are usually much more easier to start then free stuff sites. While a free stuff site usually needs a complicated customized design and programming to bring some free stuff to their visitors, free stuff blogs can easily be created using Wordpress or Joomla, which explains the recent explosion in the number of free stuff blogs being created every second.

However, compared to the sustainability of free stuff sites, there are many free stuff blogs geting ousted out of the competition of the world of free stuff at a rapid rate. There is market saturation going on for providing free stuff to the masses and sadly, quality is compromised at every interval when wealthy webmasters pay top fees for advertising while offering nothing concrete to their users.

I believe that both free stuff models can co-exist and its actually users that decide which type of sites they prefer to use when searching for free stuff online. However, do not be led by colorful designs and gimmicks offered by certain sites and get lost in your search for free stuff =)

Complex Or Simple Design Better For Free Stuff Sites?

Is it better for a free stuff site to have a simple or complex design? Well, based on statistics, complex designs for free stuff sites tend to fare better then a free stuff site that is designed simpler. Well, if you are an experienced free stuff hunter, then you should know some pretty big major sites, that not only offers free stuff, but also coupons and dealings and the whole infrastructure of the site looks pretty amazing. But let me ask you this, are you still looking at the free stuff, or getting lost in the process and spending unnecessary time to navigate the site, which in turn encourages the webmasters to come up with more gimmicks to make you surf longer? I mean, its all statistics, you stay longer, they profit more.

On this topic, i would like to applaud the emergence of free stuff blogs. Similar to some free stuff sites, they have a very simple way to introduce free stuff to the the online community. They show you an image, and what the product is called, and thats all. They has no bullshit for you to weave in and out and does not try to bombard you with sponsored ads all the time. I do not know when it all began, but free stuff blogs is the trend now.

Well, regardless, i am not saying that all free stuff sites are dubious and heinous in nature. There are some free stuff sites that can still survive the competition and are doing better then the new entrees. These are free stuff sites that list legitimate free stuff with a short description of what the product is about rather then a picture. Personally, i prefer description rather then images but its up to the individual. After all, you have to find something that suit you, and a picture might tell a thousand words, but words can express what pictures can convey at a deeper intensity and level, provided the person has a good command of the English language.

With that said, research has shown that without a simple and easy to understand navigation system for users, visitors will still leave your site given a better alternative. So my advice to all webmasters out there: Make your site as user-friendly as possible and you might just see your conversion rates double. Focus on long term profit rather then short term gain =)

Free Stuff Pitfalls - Safeguard Your Personal Info

Do you love free stuff but find that all you get are annoying phone calls and emails? Today, I am going to touch on certain things to avoid when requesting for free stuff online! Learn to protect yourself with these useful tips and never be deceived 95% of the time (we can’t be 100% sure can we?). Ok, with that said lets start =)

1. Never use your real working email address.
The reason is simple, you will not want spams (in case you requested for a phishing scam) in your email inbox which you use for official purposes. The spams can go up to hundreds of emails a day and are extremely irritating. In this case, its better to set aside a few emails for use in requesting for freebies.

2. Observe the freebie being given away.
Is the freebie being given away a big ticket item? Is it a brand new luxury car, xbox 360, playstation 3 or a brand new television?! Well, if its anything even close to the value these items are worth, it will not be FREE! Remember, there is no free lunch in the world. However, companies do often give free samples away for marketing purposes. As a general guideline, anything worth over USD$50 is fishy, and any worth over USD$100 is almost impossible. If you see these offers, you most probably need to go through a string of “activities” to get the free stuff.

3. Website only has a single page.
This is extremely fishy. If a website offering something for free has only one page, the home page and the page is filled with a contact form, it most likely is a phishing site and is designed to capture your personal particulars. For example, if you come across a site that says free body lotion, and the site url is with no other pages, exit the site IMMEDIATEDLY! However, rarely but it happens that there are real freebies with a single page, usually the url will have a celebrity’s name or a well known brand. So exercise your own judgement =)

Avoid these sites at all cost, they have been complained by our users and are now deemed as websites that do not provide any free stuff. Check out the fake freebie sites at this url: If you know of any such sites, do come forth and let the rest of us know. Thank you!

With all that has been said, you still need to exercise your own personal judgement to see if a freebie is valid. Many people have benefitted from receiving free stuff online and i am sure you can achieve that too, as long as your safeguard yourself against the pitfalls of ordering free samples online. Cheers =)

Who Get Free Stuff More, Guys Or Girls?

Today, i wishes to discuss a topic i myself find rather interesting. In today’s world, which gender get more free stuff, man, or woman? Well, men get certain free opportunities and experience that women can never get, but women on the other hand, go through things that we never will. This whole post will be from my own retrospect and is in no way a representation of what other people feel. I will be providing you with some pretty simple arguments and maybe you can take some time to ponder about it. With that said, lets begin =)

Ok, one thing that always got me interested in freebies was the sort of delight it can gives to people. Thinking back a few days ago, when i was out partying with my friends, i observe a pheonomenon. Girls get free drinks all the time. I mean, when they go to clubs, pubs, guys buy them drinks all the time, albeit most might want to do it for certain hidden reasons. Guys are happy giving free drinks to girls who drink them. Well, this is common sense, but it has never been clearer to me (maybe i was most sober at that time, thinking about what to write for my blog etc haha) until then. 3 things most important to human survival, air, food and water and women get two of it totally free most of the time, 2 points to women.

Next, after being a freebie webmaster for years, i observed that most of the free samples are catered towards females. From young mothers to housewives, multinational corporations are all trying to forge stronger bonds and brand loyalty with them, which in turn results in many free stuff for females. I am not saying that there are no free stuff for males, just that predominantly, females get more freebies then their male counterparts.

However, i foresee a changing trend. Males might be getting as much free stuff as females in the coming years. But until that day come, females will be the one leading the pack, hunting for free stuff, and getting them =) Also, its even more clearer now considering that females are the ones using the household income, doing the grocery shopping etc. most of the times.

With that said, i end my posts, do let me know how you feel about this post, its quite a thought provoking post but the world of free stuff is pretty mundane, i will come up with something way cooler for my next post that is not only educational, but fun and will help you avoid the pitfalls of scouring for free stuff online =)

5 Real Free Stuff Sites You Can Trust

Since this is my maiden post, i want it to be as impactful as possible. So, for my first post, i am going to recommend you 5 free stuff sites that you can trust and use =)

1. Http://
The number of fans at this site speaks volume about how great the site is in providing free stuff and freebies to the internet community. The site often tries to update with relevant freebies for its users. The site has also generated a considerable amount of influence among the freebie hunters. Also, even though the host of the site is experiencing some personal problems, he has never failed to humor his visitors with his light hearted description about the free stuff and freebies he list.

2. Http://
This free stuff site/blog is very straight forward. You see the images and title, if you like what you see, request for the freebies. Otherwise, go to their next freebie. The site updates regularly, almost daily so you can always find something new at the site.

3. Http://
One of the few sites that has been around for quite a while yet remain relevant with the times and has continued to improve itself, Just Free Stuff is one of the most widely visited site online. Besides listing free stuff and freebies, they also have ties with other free services sites and recommend a list of useful sites for your various needs.

4. Http://
Active Free Stuff’s sister site. If you think we are similar in content, you cannot be more wrong. Active Freebies lists tons of free stuff and freebies that are legitimate most of the time. Also, they are gaining increasing popularity among their Facebook fans. Visit them to see their free stuff listings =)

5. Http://
Well, the first choice i would recommend is definitely still our site haha. We regularly update with real free stuff and free offers. Also, we have a host of other attractive pages like our free money sweepstakes, promotions and more. Our site is also gaining a lot of momentum and seems to be more and more popular nowadays with higher user interactions.

With that said, you can suggests relevant free stuff sites here or if you disagree with me, let us know! We will be waiting to hear from you =)