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A New Year, Fresh Start For Freebies?

With the year going into 2012, i would like to conclude everything that has happened for the free stuff community in the year 2011.

1. The Rise Of Free Stuff Blogs

This trend is particularly alarming. It seems that everyone is going into free stuff for its market potential. But the funny thing is: there is only so much free stuff to go around. Eventually, most free stuff will become advertisments, and the intergrity of a real free stuff site will be tested. Hundreds of free stuff sites around, each serving a number of people ranging from 20s to 1000s, how much should companies spend on giving away free samples at this insane number?

2. Declining Free Stuff

If you have been a diligent and faithful free stuff seeker, you would know that free stuff being given out is declining. Even some major, trustworthy free stuff sites keep listing out freebies from the past. Is it because of the economic downturn that marketing budget is cut? Is it a time for companies to regroup and strategise? Or is the economic downturn an actual representation that free stuff efforts are useless and not converting into significant leads, which in turn affect profit margins of the companies?

3. Free Stuff Goes Out In A Matter Of Hours

Ok, anyone who has experienced the frustration of going to a page in the hope of finding a freebie only to find it turn to naught will know what i am talking about. How often do you find “due to overwhelming response…..blah blah blah”, “the promotions has ended…. blah blah”? Like the first point, the free stuff network is so congested, so saturated, and new entrees into this area are spoiling the credibility of finding real free stuff online with spams offers.

With that said, i find it necessary to inform everyone that free stuff is dying, support the real free stuff sites, and not the beautifully designed, ads filled, big corporation offering so called “free stuff” to you. Operators of real free stuff sites understand you, as we are freebie hunters as well.

Grimm’s Interview - Totally Free Crap

1. Who are we speaking to today? (Brief introduction of yourself, the site you managed etc)

I am Grimm, the webmaster, founder and owner of I built the site for a fun hobby while I work way too many hours in the real world.

2. When did you first started with this free stuff site?

Way back in the old west days of the internet, during the years of piracy and debauchery online, you know, 2006. I posted free stuff and contests regularly in forums where people would get excited and tell everyone about what they won or received. This in turn brought in more people. I started the site as a way to manage a list of all the easiest to sign up for freebies.

3. What sparked your interest?

I was graced with a T1 (fastest at the time) internet in my dorm in college (2003). Many people were getting on the free stuff bandwagon, and unfortunately most of it was illegal such as piracy, or questionable such as dumpster diving. Everyone was looking for a way to get things cheaper. This trend continues today, the recent run in extreme couponing and the rise in black Friday sales have shown this. Lately the ability to brag about getting something for nothing is worth more than the end product. How many people need 400 rolls of toilet paper?

4. How popular is your site right now?

Too popular for an inside joke, not enough for a meme.

The site attracts a few thousand people a day, about 30,000 unique visitors and 280,000 page views a month. People tend to return to the site, and the daily updates have created a loyalty.

5. Does managing a free stuff site actually make money?

It was never about money making. It wasn’t until the site became somewhat popular that I threw a Google advertisement on it. I was very excited that first month when I made six dollars. I know people making six figures a year running freebie sites, it comes down to how much time you put into it and how many advertisements and popups you want on the site. Too many sites have gotten greedy, putting on tons of ads or surveys that make you purchase something.

6. Free stuff blogs have been on a rising trend, do you think market saturation for free stuff online is happening?

Back when I first started, freebie sites were not very popular, and most of them were spammy and scammy. I was one of the first to create a site that was simple and did just what you expected. A large number of sites copied my model. They are derivative and poorly executed, much like Nickleback. This simple, direct to freebie, posting was what people wanted. Any company or spammer wishing to collect names or to bring people to their site will pretend to have free stuff. Then the rise of sites that just had lists of freebie sites started, after that lists of sites that had lists of sites, that had free stuff on it started.

7. How do you feel about the current trend of free stuff online?

It saddens me that at one point you were able to tell what free stuff would come to your house, currently the percentage of actual freebies showing up has dropped dramatically. Even having been in this game for 5 years, I am not able to determine the legitimacy of a freebie. Social media has taken control recently, with Google+, Facebook and Twitter, everyone can post freebies they find and you can follow just the people you trust.

8. 1 tip for freebie hunters?

Don’t expect too much. The websites where you find them do not have any access to freebies, and many of the companies never plan to send the free stuff. Free stuff is simple and small, make it a slice of enjoyment in your daily routine.

9. Anything else you would like to add on?

I expect in the near future freebie sites will die out, the internet has been saturated with fake freebies to the point that people quit and start looking elsewhere, such as that “free” box at your neighbors garage sale. However until this happens someone could probably make a lot of money by charging people to be elite members of their site where they can click links, to sign up for free stuff.

James Barton Interview - Just Free Stuff

1. Who are we speaking to today?

My name is James Barton and I run the site

2. When did you first started with this free stuff site?

I started the website back in 1997

3. What sparked your interest?

I saw a website that was giving away free computers! They would give you a desktop, monitor, keyboard and mouse in exchange for viewing ads that were placed on it. You would have to vew ads for 5 hours a week. They were always on the bottom of the screen.

So I got my computer and was ready to go.

Then I got an email saying the company was going out of business and I can keep the computer. They also included instructions on how to remove the ads. It was bad for them, but awesome for me. I got a free computer! It was nothing to brag about, but it was still free.

So I thought why not create a site that listed cool things and companies who gave out freebies. People liked it!

I also have to mention 2 more “interesting” freebies I got!

Nintendo was doing some kind of promotion and sent me a mannequin hand. Just a hand. It was weird.

I also got a million bucks! It was shredded and composted into dust and was in the form of a huge paperweight. I tried to get my daughter to glue it all together, but it didn’t work =(

4. How popular is your site right now?

I average about 10,000 - 15,000 hits a day to the website.

5. Does managing a free stuff site actually makes money?

I was making twice as much as my 40 hour a week job.

Now it’s a little slow because of the recession, but the potential is definitely there. It requires a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it.

6. Free stuff blogs have been on a rising trend, do you think market saturation
for free stuff online is happening?

Most definitely! Anyone can go to blogger or wordpress and create a site now. Before, there were less than a hundred “freebie” type sites. Now it’s in the thousands and every one of them is listing more or less the same free samples.

7. How do you feel about the current trend of free stuff online?

More people are competing for less freebies. Company A is giving away 500 freebies, company B is giving away 1,000. Those are gone in a matter of minutes. And now a lot of companies are offering samples on facebook. Wendy’s for example was giving away 30,000 tee shirts I believe……they were gone within a couple of hours.

As a freebie site owner/blogger, that makes you look bad when you tell a person about something, they go there, and it’s gone.

8. 1 tip for freebie hunters?

Definitely definitely use a second email address!! We try to list freebies from legit companies, but a lot of times the bad ones fall through the cracks and then you start getting tons of spam/junk mail.

Gmail is probably my favorite out of all of the email providers.

9. Anything else you would like to add on?

Not much. Just a couple of personal tidbits.

I’m 41. Worked at O’hare airport in Chicago for 18 years. I worked on the website either before or after work. I quit over 5 years ago and and now work on the website full time.

I have 3 kids - 18 year old daughter, 11 year old son, and 11 month old daughter. Yeah, I know! =)

I have a black belt in kenpo karate and go to class 3 days a week. (been doing it almost 7 years now)

And when i’m not working on the website, i’m out taking pictures. I even started a photo blog at

Playing Video Poker Free

A while back, while watching Rounders, i got interested in the game of poker. Seeing as to how i am an IT guy, i am going to talk about video poker, and how it has led me to some days of excitement and thrill. I would like to make a statement though, and that is that i do not believe in gambling to earn money, but occasional gambling can alleviate the spirits and build your character.

Video poker is a game where you are unable to lie, bluff or trick your dealer. You simply have to decide which are the cards to keep after being dealt the first time. Your best hand is determined after the second deal, consequently how much you win. To learn more about playing video poker, please click Video Poker - How To Play. I feel that this game is based more on luck then on skills, though there are many others who disagree with me. But many people do play video pokers for leisure and more.

So, the question is, can people really win in video poker? Yes, when your stars are aligned and you feel like you are on a streak, or you have a rabbit’s foot. Otherwise, i would suggest you try other more strategic games online. With that said, i came across a rather good site casinotop10 that recommends various online gambling games. If you are someone who does not mind a bit of thrill from time to time, do head there.

In the end, what differentiates a true winner from a loser in casino gambling? I believe it is the realization that you have lost really nothing, even when you have lost money, that puts one above the rest. This means that one do not throw away their future by being too engrossed in gambling, but rather, experience and learn something from their gambling session, and use it for their future lessons.

Video Testimonial - Free Stuff Site Review

Press play below to see what this cute and pretty girl is saying about our site today! This video was received after we did a promotion for the webmistress regarding Box Break site.